Thursday, October 7, 2010

New (delayed) Gillian Clark restaurant coming to Georgia Avenue?

Via the Examiner, the long-delayed Georgia Avenue Meeting House, run by Colorado Kitchen's Gillian Clark, is coming to 3730 Georgia Avenue NW. The spot was first mentioned in 2008 and is planned to have Southern food, like "trout, catfish, pheasant, and pigs’ feet." There will also be a fancy Sunday roast that you have to get dressed up for.

Clark was beloved for great soul/Southern food at Colorado Kitchen, but also well known for her and her staff's less than customer-friendly attitude.

But considering this was first mentioned 2 years ago, we'll see if it opens.


  1. Why so snarky? This is my first foray into Southern food. I have never attempted soul food. Colorado Kitchen was quintessentially American. Surely you could tell the difference. As for the delay? Getting funding for this project in this economy has been a battle. But we are locked in and now finalizing plans for permitting. Be patient. It will happen. Logo and signage are being worked on right now. Although I'm not sure based in your tone that you are a believer or even a fan.

  2. Thanks for the comment, though I don't consider it snarky at all and don't think I have a tone. I wrote what I've read, that your food is great but sometimes people have had other issues with your restaurants, like in the two pieces I linked to. Of course, the DCist piece also shows there are others who have no issues with it.

    As for the timing, I'm glad to hear it's close, but before your comment I've only heard one brief piece from the Examiner saying anything about it, and there were previous articles saying it was going to open in 2009. I understand that -- like many restaurants and other retail spots in the city and neighborhood (Ellwood Thompson's, for example) sometimes plans take longer than anticipated.

    That said, I hope everything does go to plan and you open soon. I'm always happy for new restaurants to open. If you'd like to email me we can talk more about it --


  3. God, I love when she does this.

  4. Wow, after reading the comments in that link by patrons, I can't imagine why anyone would want to eat at a place with such horrific customer service, regardless the quality of the food. Half the enjoyment of eating out is being properly and courteously served. I don't care how marvelous the food might be; if I'm treated rudely eff the restaurant. Since it's the same ownership, I can't imagine she'd change the atmosphere significantly at this new place. She obviously doesn't care about her customers.

  5. Chef Gillian, I am a big fan of your cooking. And soul food sounds fantastic for that spot; the menu sounds stellar. I'll definitely look forward to trying it out.

    That being said, you do yourself a disservice by jumping all over a blogger who is publicizing your new venture, just because he expressed the tiniest bit of skepticism -- actually, even that is too wrong word, more like equivocation -- about the opening time frame. When you and your staff's reputation is already less-than-steller in terms of how customers are treated, the last thing you want to be doing is confirming that reputation on a blog that is enthusiastic about new things coming into the area. I will still give your place a try because, again, I really enjoy your cooking, but Ihope you take the opportunity of a new venture to start a clean slate on customer (and here, blogger) relations. Because I really do want you to succeed.

  6. I find it easy to believe any customer service complaints after Gillian's comment above. If the chef and owner doesn't respect her patrons and want to make them feel welcome, why would her staff?

  7. Obviously a totally fake post. Geez, you all went for the bait!


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