Monday, October 18, 2010

First look at the new Target grocery store

I stopped by the newly-opened Target grocery on Sunday and snapped a few shots. My first impression: small. It's like a mini-grocery store. Kind of reminded me of the "secret" or Townhouse Safeway at 19th and Florida. That said, it has a good selection.

There's a produce aisle with mostly packaged produce (pictured here, which seemed to either not have much in stock or was emptied by customers), a meat aisle (also above), a packaged meat aisle with hot dogs and such, a dairy aisle, and the aisles that were in the store before, plus maybe one or two more.

Prices were about the same as Giant, but since Target has lots of cashiers, the wait was less.

In all, I'm pretty pleased, but as mentioned the produce aisle was kind of empty. Hopefully that's just a function of it being open one day, but we'll see.

Are you excited for this? Or unimpressed?


  1. I don't understand why someone would shop in a department store in a mall when there is a grocery store across the street. I hope this doesn't scare away any future organic grocers, Ellwood or other.

  2. A: Because the grocery store across the street has lines down the block, and rude/unhelpful staff.

  3. Also Giant also has awful produce (large selection, but it's always old and not of high quality) and their prices are HIGH.

    And sorry, but Target's prices certainly are cheaper than Giant's. Meats, cheeses, deli meats, etc, all I say are in 10-30% less, a significant amount.

    It's good to have a Giant there, and Target doesn't replace it, but I have nothing but disdain for Giant and Safeway and their overpriced, rude, and filthy stores.

  4. Produce was pretty picked over on Sunday night. Everything seemed to be of high quality just not much of it. Empty racks after empty racks. Lots of bananas however.

  5. Was there this afternoon and yet again the produce was practically empty. Target in general, and this store in particular, has stocking issues at all levels (general merchandise, pharmacy, eateries, and now grocery). I've never been to another major chain store that is out of things as much as Target. Don't they realize that if they don't have merchandise, they don't make sales? Evidently not, since this has been a Target problem for years.

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