Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Express's Best of 2010: We were robbed!

Yet another Best of list is out, this one the Express newspaper's list, which is voted on by people. Unfortunately, there isn't much in our hood on there.

Food wise, we got a few second places. Fro-Zen-Yo, which has multiple locations, finished second in best frozen treats, which is good, Pho 14 got second for best pho, and Thai Tanic, which has a location on 14th, also got 2nd for best Thai. Kind of surprised neither Meridian Pint or Soul Veg were on the best vegetarian list, but they're pretty new and not too well-known in the case of Soul Veg. Chipotle and Five Guys also won stuff, but I don't really count them.

On other things, DC Bocce, which now has a Columbia Heights/Petworth league got second for best rec sports league. The Banneker pool got second for best pool, which I fully support. And 13th Street did not get on the list for best place to ski, which would have been hilarious.

Personally I think Room 11 was robbed on best cocktails and best bartender, but it's a small place and doesn't get as much publicity as the Gibson and such. I'm also kind of surprised Wonderland wasn't on the top three for best outdoor drinking, considering the crowds there. I certainly like sitting outside and having a beer or three.

Any other spots you think should have made the list?

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  1. I, for one, was very disappointed in the entire ballot. I felt like it was put together by a couple interns who had maybe been in DC 6-months, and didn't venture beyond 3-4 blocks of major red line metro stations...


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