Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DCUSA retail plans: then and now

The other day I was looking at the floor plan of DCUSA from 2007, which had the planned tenants for various spaces. Some are the same, like Target and Best Buy, while others have changed. I went by last weekend to compare the map to reality (click to make the map bigger).

First, the similarities. As mentioned, Target and Best Buy filled their planned spaces, as did Marshall's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Panda Express, Lane Bryant, Staples, Vitamin Shoppe, Children's Place, Radio Shack, Payless, Mattress Discounters, and Desi's Place (the chicken spot on Park).

However, there were other planned tenants that never arrived. At the corner spot at 14th and Irving, there was a Caribou Coffee planned, which was replaced by Bank of America. BOA also took the two spots behind the planned Caribou, so those are filled.

Just inside the main door, there were smaller spots to be filled by Quizno's and Maggie Moo's, both of which are still empty -- and considering Maggie Moo's fate on U Street and in Adams Morgan, maybe that's a good thing. One of the spots is just empty, the other is being used for shopping cart storage.

Up 14th between the Lane Bryant and Staples, a Foot Locker was planned. That will be replaced by the similar Sports Zone.Between Staples and the Vitamin Shoppe (which I'm always stunned is still open) was to be something called Rainbow, a clothing store. That one is still vacant.

All the other vacant spots on the floor plan are still vacant, with the exception of IHOP, which has its sign on the spot labeled 109 on the map, and which might possibly be going into the spots next to it -- I haven't been able to find a square footage of the planned IHOP. Oddly though, there's a wall between 108 and 109, and 108 and 107 are joined. Then further down Irving is the supposed (maybe never) Ellwood Thompson's. And interestingly, there's a tiny empty spot on the 2nd floor between Bed Bath and Beyond and Best Buy.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting look at what could have been. To be honest, I'm not too upset those planned places didn't show up, but I would like the rest of the spots to be filled by good, useful tenants. I am disappointed that the spot (or spots?) reserved for minority or small businesses haven't been filled. And of course, there's Ellwood Thompson's.

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  1. seriously, Giant needs some stiff competition!


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