Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why do you love Columbia Heights? Photos from CH Day

One of the cooler booths in my opinion at Columbia Heights Day was the one run by Grace Meridian Hill Church. The church, which is just getting started, had a bunch of pieces of paper that said things like "I love Columbia Heights because" and "My favorite ______ in Columbia Heights is", then people would fill in the blanks and have their picture taken with their sign. About 130 people ended up doing them, and there's a wide range of signs, ranging from the sarcastic to the sweet. There were signs in Spanish as well. They also had a bunch of hats and masks to wear.

A bunch of the things people chose to write about relate to diversity, food, bars and shopping, which are all pretty good reasons to like the neighborhood. Here's the full photo set. Nice to see clever things like this at CH Day. Kind of wish it happened more often!

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