Thursday, September 16, 2010

Target's full grocery store still on track for Oct. 17

It looks like, unlike certain grocery stores, Target's fresh grocery section is on its way. A friend snapped this photo announcing the grocery section will open Oct. 17, which is what I heard a few months ago too.

The rest of the sign says "thank you for your patience as we remodel. We'll soon carry an abundance of fresh fruits, veggies and meats - and all the other groceries you need, from eggs to ice cream." The section is going in behind where the groceries are now.

Looking forward to this, as it's always good to have another option than Giant.

(And I'm checking to see if there's an update from Ellwood Thompson's.)


  1. I serious hope Ellwoods is NOT coming to Columbia Heights ... that store seriously sucks .... they don't have the capital or the will to move into our neighborhood .... we should start a petition to tell them to drop their lease

  2. Reading "Looks like unlike" makes me cringe

  3. Ellwood's is fantastic!

  4. I spoke to Jim Graham at Columbia Heights Day. He said that Ellwoods is out. They aren't coming to Columbia Heights and work is already underway to find a replacement.


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