Friday, September 17, 2010

Sports bar coming to Highland Park at 14th & Irving, Feb. 2011

Looks like we're getting more places to watch sports and drink beer. A resident of the Highland Park building at 14th and Irving says they just received a note that build out has just begun on a sports bar. They're aiming at opening in February 2011. Another tipster spoke to a construction worker in the space who said the place would be called something like News Grill, and that they had another location in the area, but I haven't been able to find any place around with that name.

Interestingly, last year there was news about a sports bar coming to the Highland Park building, which was reported in the Washington Business Journal but nothing came of it. I wonder if this is the same place?

In any case, it seems like the demand is there, given the popularity of Meridian Pint on game days.


  1. Exciting. New spot to watch the TERPS!!

  2. lets hope this is a real sports bar though... dont think meridian pint really qualifies. terps baby!

  3. "News" Grill? I hope to God it's not a fucking Front Page!

  4. perfect just in time for March Madness. i agree M. Pint is no bueno for sports. yeah they have tvs but they are too spread out in case you like to watch two football games at once. plus the bon jovi in the background just doesn't go with football.

    also, seriously, why can't i ever see the "visual verification" the first this a setting on my computer/firewall?

  5. I kinda like meridian pint for sports cuz it's not a TOTAL sports bar instead you get lot's of games, damn good beer and good food all in a chill atmosphere. Btw, they do play the sound on at least one game...don't know about that Bon Jovi thing.

  6. Please, please, PLEASE let them have a foosball table. The powers that be at Meridian Pint really dropped the ball on that one. If this place gets a nice Tornado table, I will be there every night!


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