Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New park/garden opening on Sept 11: North Columbia Heights Green

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After a few years of talk, it looks like the park and garden in the middle of the block bounded by 11th, Park, Sherman and Lamont is becoming a reality. The park is on the map above, where the vehicles are parked. To be called the North Columbia Heights Green, the park will have a lot of features:
a 16-plot organic raised-bed community garden, a butterfly garden, a rain garden, a healing and herb garden, a berry patch, a greenhouse, native flowering and shade trees, a staging site for community reforestation and green job training, and a learning and gathering space.  Additional features will include an arbor, solar lighting, rain gathering, tool storage, compost bin, and parking.
Washington Parks & People, the DC Government, and a lot of volunteers put tons of work into the park, clearing tax liens, getting rid of trash and abandoned items and more. Sounds like a great addition to the neighborhood. Here's more on it. The grand opening will be Sept 11 at 11 am in the green.

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  1. Glad to see another park coming into the neighborhood. Speaking of neighborhood parks, has anyone heard anything on Justice Park on Euclid Street? The "ribbon cutting" was over a year ago and nothing has happened since then (including cutting the grass / weeds).


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