Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Mexican restaurant coming to 11th Street

Looks like 11th Street is becoming a budding neighborhood bar and restaurant corridor. PoP reports that there's a new Mexican spot coming to 3313 11th Street NW, which is just north of Lamont and next to Arthur's convenience store. It's the short building with the garage door above.

The place will be owned by the folks who own Jackie's in Silver Spring, and they'll be working with people from the Quarry House Tavern also in SS, a spot I've heard a lot about. Supposedly it's a great neighborhood beer bar with great burgers. 

The building is very narrow, as you can see above, but it goes back pretty far: but the liquor license out front says there'll be 75 seats and a total occupancy on 99 inside. There's also planned to be a sidewalk cafe with 16 seats and a summer garden (I assume in the back) of 36 people. Maybe you'll be able to check out the new North Columbia Heights Green when you sit out there!

I'm pretty happy about this, as I do like Mexican food, and the two affiliated places in Silver Spring seem like neighborhood joints, not spots where tons of people will line up and make noise. Your thoughts?

I've been sitting on info on the place for awhile (it was embargoed) but my contact didn't get back to me unfortunately. When I hear more, I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

This is excellent news.

Does anyone know what is going on in the building next to CH coffee? There's some contruction activity going on.

Andrew said...

A year ago I heard it was going to be a Cuban place, but I haven't heard anything since:


Andrew said...

here's a link

Anonymous said...

the extra seats are not going to be in the back. the building goes all the way to the property line except for a little walkway.

Anonymous said...

this is great! More foot traffic is great. I got a DC txt ALERT last night that there was a gun robbery on 11th and lamont at freaking 10pm. this is scary to me as i go to Arthurs a lot.

Anonymous said...

that's great! I love New Mexican food. Christmas please.

Anonymous said...

Quarry House is the best restaurant/bar in SS.(period.) Possibly named.... Cantera de la Casa(100% unverified) its going to be a hit!