Friday, September 3, 2010

NCH Contest: Win tickets to see the Cirque du Soleil

It's contest time! I recently received two tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show OVO, which is touring this Fall. The Cirque du Soleil puts on pretty spectacular shows, and you can win tickets to the September 30 performance at the National Harbor.

To enter, just tell me why you should go! Best reason wins. You can either enter in the comments (make sure you post an email address) or email me at newcolumbiaheights(at)gmail(dot)com.

The tickets are regularly $75 each, so free is a good deal!

Here's more about the show from them:
Cirque du Soleil is pleased to announce that it will return to Washington DC with its latest big top touring production, OVO, starting Thursday, September 9, 2010.  OVO will perform for a limited engagement under the trademark blue-and-yellow Grand Chapiteau (Big Top) at The Plateau at National Harbor.

OVO is a headlong rush into a colorful ecosystem teeming with life, where insects work, eat, crawl, flutter, play, fight and look for love in a non-stop riot of energy and movement. The insects’ home is a world of biodiversity and beauty filled with noisy action and moments of quiet emotion.
Get your tickets today at!
Just say why you should go in the comments!


  1. I would love to go because I always wanted to be a gymnast, but my mother told me I was too fat to wear a leotard and take classes when I was a child.
    Clearly, she stopped my true potential of becoming a member of Cirque du Soleil.

  2. I used to constantly buy tickets to events at the Kennedy Center for myself and my sweetie, taking full and frequent advantage of Kennedy Center's ATTEND program for students and young professionals (10 dollar tickets to select shows each month).

    I have recently aged out of the program, and can no longer afford that level of entertainment.

    Last week, she went out of town to visit family and arrived one day too late to see Cirque with them, and she really wants to go. Her mother was an acrobat with the circus growing up, and her father was a clown, so she has the circus in her blood. I'd love to be able to take her.

    (I really want to see it myself, as well.)

  3. Thanks all. Please make sure I have some way to contact you.

  4. Seeing OVO at would truly be a dream come true for my mother who is 90 and survived a brain hematoma earlier this year. She absolutely loves everything about the circus, especially acrobats and clowns, and often retells the story of attending a circus as a young child with her beloved father shortly before he passed. Needless to say, this has been an especially challenging year for her (and for me as an only child and her full-time caregiver). Going to OVO at the National Harbor would not only be a great joy for my mother, it would allow us to create a lasting memory of a special time that we were likewise able to share.

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  6. Last time Cirque du Soleil was in town I purchased two tickets so my girlfriend and I could go for her birthday. I ended up having to go out of town unexpectedly, so I wasn't able to attend with her. This is something we've been wanting to do together for years. It would be great to have the opportunity to make up for the mishap last time by attending this year.

    Additionally, as a Columbia Heights resident and avid reader of NCH, I'd be glad to take photos of the event and provide them exclusively to NCH for publication.

  7. I will make a "New Columbia Heights" shirt, wear it to the event, and take pictures if I go. That is all.

  8. My friend and I just moved here from Canada, the home of Cirque! But have never got the chance to see it. We are both here studying music and it would be a great show to see as our initiation into the events of DC.

  9. my sister and i both danced when we were younger, but she was always better than me and decided to do it professionally, while i decided to do politics. now she's in LA and I'm in DC, so we rarely see each other. a year or so ago she tried to drive from LA to San Francisco to audition for Cirque, but her car broke down along the way and she didn't make it. if i had two tickets i would make her fly out here to visit me so I could take her with.

  10. I would love to see OVO! My husband and I are relatively new transplants to Columbia Heights and avid readers of your blog. We lived in Montreal for two years but were always poor students so we were never able to see Cirque, which was a big let down. Well now we're in dc, but we're still poor students. Please let the dream live on! Tickets for us! I should also add that I'm a huge fan of live performance, especially dance. And I love Cirque because they don't use animals in their shows like some circuses...

  11. I was a theater major in college and have always wanted to see Cirque du Soleil. About two years ago, Saltimbanco came through the city I was living in at the time and I bought my boyfriend of the time tickets for our 1 year anniversary. We broke up a month before the show and I sold the tickets to my best friend.

    I would love this chance to actually see it!

  12. It's my boyfriends 22nd birthday! I would love to take him to see this show, especially because he is a freak for insects/biology. Thanks

  13. I think I should be picked to go because I think this show would change my mindset on bugs and maybe I'd find peace the stinkbugs that have moved in with me.

    Bloggytime20 at yahoo dot com


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