Friday, September 24, 2010

Hoarder evicted from 11th and Otis, stuff everywhere

This has been in the news a fair amount, but it's too wild not to write about. A couple friends tipped me off that a woman was evicted from her home at 11th and Otis and apparently she was a hoarder: when the US Marshals put all her stuff on the street, it stretched for four blocks.

She told NBC4 that she was kicked out for not paying her rent. The Post says her stuff weighs 30,000 pounds, and that a storage company volunteered to store it for her after hearing about the situation. She'd been there for 15 years.

A friend shot the video above last night. You can see the things strewn everywhere. Sad and strange story.

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  1. People are praising the storage company for being so generous, but their motive is really self-interested. Once the woman loses her hearing and isn't able to pay for storage, her stuff will be auctioned and the company will keep the proceeds. It would be better if passersby were allowed to forage.


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