Monday, September 13, 2010

Forgotten Streets: Keefer Place

Here's the latest in the Forgotten Street series about small streets in the neighborhood that people may have missed. The first was Pine Street, and this one is about Keefer Place.

Keefer is a leafy, one-block street that goes from Georgia to a small segment of 6th Street, between Lamont and Kenyon. It's nice and leafy, as you can see here, and has a lot of brightly colored rowhouses. It's a funny little section, both Lamont and Keefer turn and become 6th, sort of forming a little square, with Lamont then running out of the square, and it wasn't on the old map I posted a few days ago.

About the only thing I could find about the street online were some sale listings, with houses going in the $200,000 range -- not bad.


  1. Living there was a different story. While it wasn't as bad as walking down Lamont (east of georgia), after work hours you can find people cat calling and making borderline racist comments that get old real quick

  2. Congratulations on the fine reporting. My advice, next time, just don’t say anything at all.

  3. more forgotten streets, please!


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