Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ellwood Thompson's still "negotiating and working with" the landlord

Well, maybe Ellwood Thompson's isn't dead after all. I contacted the company and here's their spokesperson's response:
Our owner is still working with, and negotiating with the NY landlord. We very much want to be a part of Columbia Heights and DCUSA. The process is taking much longer than originally anticipated. Once negotiations are complete, we will let you know. And, we hope to have a "Neighborhood Meet & Greet" once everything is finalized.
I think the key part is "The process is taking much longer than originally anticipated."

For those unfamiliar, Ellwood Thompson's is an organic supermarket that's been planning to come to DCUSA for years.

I believe the "NY landlord" is Grid Properties, who also developed the Harlem USA project in New York City, among others.


  1. This story is becoming quite common. I get the impression that DCUSA is a difficult building to get into.

  2. OMG .... Ellewoods -- please STAY AWAY .... lets get someone in this building who really wants to be here ... who really wants to invest in our local community ... and who really have the means to be here ... Ellewoods represents none of this

  3. I mentioned this on another blog. At Columbia Heights Day, I talked to Jim Graham. He said that Ellwoods is timid and pulled out. He said that they already started look for another vendor. Reading this story, I don't know what to believe--except that Columbia Heights is being yanked around. Either Ellwoods needs to come, or we need to find somebody else. Enough is enough.

  4. OMG yes, Elle Woods, please stay away. Legally Blonde 2 was AWFUL.

  5. I wish someone would take down that stupid "new columbia heights" website that hasn't been updated in two years. It is misleading for people to go there and think that its an accurate or up to date source of CH news.

  6. You mean ?


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