Friday, September 17, 2010

Columbia Heights firefighters cook naked and party (allegedly)

Photo from NBC4
This is unusual. There have been a number of reports lately about a few firefighters from the 14th and Newton fire station getting in trouble for allegedly having a big retirement party at the firehouse which included lots of alcohol and up to 3 firefighters cooking naked (see photo above). I guess when firefighters party, they party. After the shenanigans, some fire and EMS employees went on to neighborhood bars.

Apparently the party was in late July and was attended by off-duty members of the fire department, which is good. Reportedly the nudity occurred in mixed company and there were high-ranking officials there, which is bad. The fire department is investigating the firehouse, which is nicknamed the House of Flame.

NBC 4 has a video:

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  1. I have to admit, that's kinda HAWT! How come I never get invited to such slammin' throw downs? FML ;-/

  2. Naked, cooking firemen? I think this needs to be investigated, if only because every woman in D.C. is gonna be thinking of this instead of whatever us mere mortals could possibly attempt to impress. God help us all if it turns out they were reciting poetry while cooking ...

  3. I know, right?? No crime happened here -- this just sounds like good, clean, fun. No one at the party was on duty, so why the investigation? Female EMT's were probably enjoying the view, since it doesn't say that anyone but a few of the men were naked. No one is claiming harassment or anything. Sounds like some prudish DC Officials are getting worked up because someone in this city had a good time. And I really, really wish I had been there! Yow! :)

  4. I can't believe that I wasn't invited!

  5. REALLY !!?! What the heck is THIS ?

    My gosh, makes you wonder what exactly ARE all these fireMEN doing in these fire stations on their "off" time, sizing each other up or what ?!?

    I mean seriously.
    Is this how it starts?..."Hey, lets get naked and do some cooking together"...and then for dessert do they spread whipped cream on their junk and...


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