Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Citysearch DC's best of ratings: some CH spots do well, but kind of bogus

Citysearch DC, a travel/entertainment site run by web giant Interactive Corp, has a yearly best-of list for the city, and a couple local spots made the honorable mentions (namely the Red Derby and Sticky Fingers).

The ratings are done by a poll of readers, and considering the site can't be that popular, I think there was some gaming the system going on: Coco Sala won pretty much every category. I find that hard to believe otherwise.

So while it might not be a representative sample, at least some local spots got noticed: the Red Derby may have had their own vote push, as they did well in a number of categories. The spot tied for 1st in best outdoor dining and made the top 5 list for best family restaurant, burger, brunch, open late, and American food, while Sticky Fingers made the top 5 for best vegetarian, vegan, and bakery. Congrats to them!

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  1. Those guys don't seem to like attention i seriously doubt they got people to vote on anything..I do remember people at wonderland asking me to vote on yelp.But that was over a year ago.


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