Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bizarre anti-Jim Graham robo-calls hit the neighborthood

You may have missed some strange political news lately: a number of Ward One residents received strange automatic-dialed calls from an unknown person or group which left anti-Jim Graham screeds. My friend who lives in northern Columbia Heights received two this weekend on his answering machine, one from a California number and one from DC. Neither said who paid for them, which is illegal under federal law. All of Graham's opponents condemned the calls and denied being involved.
I won't repeat either whole call, but both were a woman's voice and my buddy described them as frightening. The California one said Graham was "immoral" and "sick," while the other one alleged an affair. Pretty weird stuff. My friend's guess was that it was some kind of church group.

Did anybody else get these calls? DCist, the Post and TBD have more.

The election is Sept. 14, so who knows if we'll see more strange stuff.


  1. No strange robo-calls for me.

    But in equally as annoying news, someone has been going up and down the line of parked cars on Hiatt Place and Irving St and putting pro Jim Graham bumper stickers on cars. I was "thrilled" to find them stuck to my back bumper... glue all melty from baking in the heat... so good for the paint.

  2. Please read my personal testimony: Living with Jim Graham [Surviving a Nightmare]


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