Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thrift store coming to Georgia and Columbia

Via the good folks at the Borderstan blog, the L&N Thrift store at about 14th and T will be moving to our neck of the woods at a space at Georgia and Columbia. Nice to see this, and that means one down on the list of what we're missing.

L&N has a lot of random stuff in their small store, including tons of clothes, plus movies, electronics, and some furniture. Hopefully the new location will be bigger and let them spread out a bit -- though as the Borderstan commenters note, they'll probably get less foot traffic there.

For those looking for vintage stuff, there's another nice antiques store with some cool vintage stuff at Georgia and Otis Place called Mom and Pop Antiques.


  1. A puzzling post. L&N Super Thrift already has a location at 3112 Georgia Avenue, NW (Georgia and Irving). Are they consolidating both stores into a new space, or simply closing the 14th Street store?

  2. I was wondering the same thing as Alan. I've shopped at the GA Ave store(3100 block), but didn't know about the other location.

    Also, if you're into browsing and buying old quirky stuff, Mom & Pop Antiques is a great neighborhood find. Located on Georgia between Newton & Otis, by Looking Glass Lounge. They have a great selection of home furnishings, and if you are looking for something specific, the owner will keep an eye out and call you when he finds it.

  3. Good question Alan, I'll look into that.

    Miss Phillips, I agree, I mentioned them in the post also.


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