Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Neighborhood restaurants doing pretty well on food safety

How healthy and safe are our restaurants and grocery stores? Very healthy.

I just discovered via U Street Girl that the city now has a searchable health inspection website so I decided to take a look at local spots to see how they fared. For the most part, they all fared very well. About the worst things I saw this year were employees not wearing hairnets and no "employees must wash hands" signs in bathrooms: for example, the Giant needed a cleaner floor and Ruby Tuesday didn't have a thermometer in the fridge, not huge deals. Morgan's Seafood had a couple "critical" violations, but those didn't even sound that bad -- there was a leak under a hand sink and they had utensils for serving food in the food -- that's hardly too critical, and I'm not concerned about it.

All in all, sounds like we have a lot of safe places to eat in the area.

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