Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mt. Pleasant library construction hopefully starting soon, opening Fall 2011

The Mt. Pleasant Library renovation at Mt. Pleasant and Kilbourne has been a contentious issue with some people, but it looks like they're finally getting it going. Here's a note from the library system:
The Mt. Pleasant Library renovation and expansion project moves forward. After more than two years of community involvement, design has been finalized and the building permit has been issued. We look forward to beginning construction very soon.

We have taken note of and responded to all questions and concerns regarding the Mt Pleasant Library project. We greatly appreciate the active involvement from residents of Mt. Pleasant and throughout Ward One; the design has been improved by the community engagement. The new library will be equipped with multiple spaces for library programs and community meetings, expanded areas for children, teens and adults, and space for to up to 80,000 books. We expect the library to re-open in fall 2011. We look forward to joining the community in celebrating the newly renovated Mt. Pleasant Library.
Photo by Mr. T in DC

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