Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Hipster robot bike army" needed for a movie

Wanna be in a movie? There's a little movie called Droidster being filmed in the neighborhood about hipster robots that come out of basements, kidnap people, and turn them into robots. You know, based on a true story. They need your help, especially if you have a "hipster bike," i.e. a fixie, tall bike, etc. Here's the ad from Craigslist:
Do you have a tall bike or unicycle? Have you been secretly waiting for the opportunity to use it for a good cause with people who will truly appreciate it's style and grace? Well here's your chance! The DROIDSTER crew has been shooting a movie in Columbia Heights and this Saturday we will be shooting our big chase scene. But this isn't your typical boring sitting behind the wheel of a car chase scene, oh no. It's a bike chase scene. It's a hipster robot bike chase scene and we are looking for anyone with a unique ride to participate.

Some of the perks: you will be filmed in all your glory chasing down some preppy hill staffer on your kick ass bike. You will be credited in a movie that will have a legit premiere. There will be a killer rap party in a few weeks. It will be a whole lotta fun.

Hit me up if you got what it takes

Description of Movie:
DROIDSTER is a action/drama short set in Columbia Heights, DC. Robot hipsters are operating out of basements in the neighborhood, abducting unsuspecting preppies and turning their insides into oily mechanics. These aren't your father's evil robots, however -- they ride fixed gear bikes, wear skinny jeans, jeggings, christmas socks, and big sunglasses. They also suck at life.
I'm guessing the plot is tongue-in-cheek. Email  gigs-7tvbp-1916263437@craigslist.org for info. TBD had an article on the movie as well.


  1. George Lucas will soon be suing as Droid is copyrighted.

  2. Sounds like your jeans are to tight.


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