Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cell phone service coming to Metro tunnels? Not til October 2012

I've had a few questions lately about cell phone service in Metro tunnels -- now that we (finally) have service at the Columbia Heights Metro, people are hoping for more. I went back to find the press release from WMATA, which says they plan to wire all stations with cell phone coverage by Fall 2010, and that by October 2012 all the tunnels should have service as well. However, there's another, later release that says all stations and tunnels will be wired by October 2012.

Nice to see, but too bad it'll be awhile.

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  1. Verizon users can talk on the train now.

    Here's an excerpt from a WMATA press release dated February 27, 2009: "...the current underground wireless network only supports Verizon customers and Sprint phones that roam onto the Verizon network."


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