Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Car and moped fires near 16th and Spring

Photo from NBC4
Got a note today from a resident near 16th and Spring Road, who went outside at about 7:30 am to see the following scene
 Someone flagged down police just after 4 am to let them know of the fires. I saw for sure 2 cars with their engines fried. Thought it was just a front end collision and then I noticed how the debris on the ground looked burned. Looks like neither fire engulfed anything but the engines. The cars were also on opposite sides of the street with debris under them, so I don’t think the cops moved the cars. Kind of rules out Arson if that’s the case. I also saw 2 burned mopeds next to one of the cars. These mopeds are usually tied up against a tree in front of the Oaklawn (Google Street shot here). Someone said to me there were 3 mopeds burned, but I could only see 2 from where I was standing.
NBC4 and Channel 9 have news reports, saying there were three scooters burned and 4 cars. The weird thing about the NBC report is that the fire department responded to three scooters on fire and put them out. Then after they left, they were called back for cars. Strange. Hopefully the police or fire department figure out what happened.

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  1. To clarify my poor typing, I meant that it rules out that it wasn't Arson if the cops didn't move them (meaning it was Arson :-?) But since I later found out that first the scooters were burned and later the cars, I think most would certainly conclude it was Arson.


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