Monday, August 9, 2010

Are people friendlier lately?

Something I've noticed is that this summer, people on the street in the neighborhood seem friendlier. More random people are saying hello to each other, having little chats in line or waiting for the bus, and so on. Maybe it's the hot weather letting people commiserate, maybe people are just happier, or to be optimistic, even that we're coming together more as a neighborhood.

Has anybody else noticed this? It's always nice to see diverse folks in the neighborhood chatting with each other.


  1. Everyone is happy the construction is almost done and it is now possible to walk down 14th (almost).

  2. Haha, could be. I know I'm happier about it.

  3. Everyone's happy that it's summer and being outside when it's nice and easy breezy. I find it easier to approach people lately for sure, whether with a smile, a hello or a brilliant quip! :-)

  4. its because some Texans moved to the neighborhood recently.

  5. It's Fro-Zen-Yo that's doing it to people.


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