Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday History: Sholl's Cafeteria, 1946

The third in the Wednesday History series is this 1946 photo of Sholl's Georgian Cafeteria located at 3027 Georgia Ave NW, which is about where the CVS at 14th and Irving is now. I assume this is the same Sholl as owned the much beloved Sholl's Colonial Cafeteria in the West End (near Foggy Bottom), which closed in 2001.

Quite the reminder of a time past, when cafeterias and automats were common. That said, I'd go to a cafeteria if there were one in the neighborhood and it was half decent -- inexpensive food and a wide variety. That's basically what Soho and those other pay-by-weight lunch places are these days.

The photo is from the Library of Congress and was taken by Theodor Horydczak. Here's the link to the Shorpy page.


  1. Actually, I think the Sholl's was in the ground floor of Trinity Towers just south of the CVS. Unfortunately, when they renovated Trinity Towers, they eliminated the ground floor retail - there used to be a seedy little store in there, which must have replaced the cafeteria after the riots. It's a shame, because based on historical photos, there was contiguous retail up and down 14th, but when they built those large affordable housing complexes they mostly did not include retail.

  2. Ah, interesting point. That is a shame, it they'd surely be in use now.

  3. Here's a photo of the exterior, you can see exactly where the Sholl's was:

    I wonder what was next to it, where the CVS is now? Could be fun to investigate.


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