Friday, July 2, 2010

Want some (legal) fireworks? Take a walk

It looks like there aren't any legal fireworks stands in our area this year: the city has released a Google Map showing legal vendors, and the nearest ones are at 1747 Columbia Rd NW in Adams Morgan and a couple of blocks north of the Petworth Metro, 3830 Georgia Ave NW. That means if there are any in the neighborhood, they are less-than-legal.

Has anybody spotted any illegal stands in the neighborhood? I know folks have been hearing them shot off around the neighborhood for a few days.


  1. There is a tiny one on newton just east of 14th (or was there last night anyway).

  2. there's one at Kenyon and Georgia.

  3. None of them sell the good fireworks. For those you have to go to West Virginia. frah

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