Thursday, July 29, 2010

Target grocery store (with produce) opening October 17

Get ready for some more grocery options in the neighborhood! I spoke to a manager at Target the other day who told me they're opening the expanded grocery store on October 17th. It'll have produce and more selection of lots of things, making it either closer to or actually a Super Target. The stuff is going in behind the current grocery area, and it's taking a couple of empty retail spots to do so.

I'm looking forward to this, as the Giant lines are always super long and the staff is not always the nicest. Maybe this will light a fire under Giant to improve. Hopefully it won't do the opposite and let them atrophy more.


  1. Why does everyone hate on Giant? I don't find it so bad...

  2. I agree with John - I don't have a problem with lines and the help is generally friendly and helpful. I don't think it is any different than the Target is.

  3. When do you guys go? I'm always waiting awhile, though it has seemed better lately.

  4. Giant used to be TERRIBLE but to their credit, they have really, really improved thanks to. If you go right after work it is always a bit busy, but not horrible, but early weekend mornings it is totally empty.


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