Monday, July 26, 2010

New reports on real estate trends in the neighborhood

Interested in seeing how real estate is doing in the neighborhood? Realtors Long & Foster just released a series of reports called Market Minutes on trends in different neighborhoods in the city, things like homes sold, days on the market, average price, ratio of asking to sale price, all by month over the past few years. It's pretty interesting stuff, and it seems that the area is doing pretty well recently: more sales, decent prices, and so on.

It's organized a little strangely, as their "Columbia Heights" report is actually the 20010 zip code, which covers northern Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant, while "Adams Morgan" is 20009, which covers southern Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, plus U Street and down to Logan. It looks like in 20009, more attached homes were sold, while in 20010 more condos were sold -- makes sense, given the new places opening up. Places around 14th and Irving (and north) are 20010. The 20001 zip code includes Pleasant Plains and Park View.

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