Thursday, July 1, 2010

New historic site signs around the neighborhood

Historic site
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I've spotted a few new historic site signs around the area recently, including this one for an African bookstore at 14th and Fairmont, right next to the newly renamed Columbia Uptown apartments. A few people have stopped to read it when I've been walking by.

Always cool to learn more about the area, especially when so many people are new to the neighborood or the city as a whole.

You can click the photo for a bigger look.

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  1. --Just as a friendly fyi, The Drum and Spear, was not simply an African Bookstore, But an Afro-Cetnric Bookstore...Actually, one of the first in the United States. The fact that it sits, on Fairmont and that Stokley Carmichael lived on Euclid are hardly coincidental, right? Columbia Heights, was the birthplace of the nascent Black Power Movement, and of regional/national Afrocentric Consciousness


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