Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ellwood Thompson's update: "As far as we know, everything is moving ahead as scheduled"

Alright, here's some possibly better news on Ellwood Thompson's.

I just spoke with Paige Bishop, the director of marketing for Ellwood Thompson's. She said that the reason there was nothing to report was that the developer of the space and the owner of Ellwood Thompson's have both been on vacation and haven't had a time to talk to get everything figured out. "As far as we know, everything is moving ahead as scheduled," she said. She added that both will be back in the next couple of weeks, and that she'd let me know. So, fingers crossed.


  1. Hungry in the HeightsJuly 22, 2010 at 4:18 PM

    Andrew, a lot of us hungry people would appreciate regular updates on this. Every day I walk past where the store will be (?) and peek inside to see if anything is going on. Alas, no.

  2. Yea mon. If it comes, I will shop. The success of the farmer's market is but a snapshot of the success in store for ole' Ellwoods.

  3. Thanks for the update. I too have been eagerly awaiting the start of construction on this store, and was hopefully that build out was imminent following the meeting. Let's hope it, indeed, gets going this summer ... they are sitting on a potential gold mine.

  4. So here we are in August and still no sign of work? Why do they toy with us? It seems they will be taking their time with the build-out given they don't project to be done until January. If they truely have financing in place I would think they could get this done a lot sooner. In time for Pumpkin season. Wonder what the hold up is. All this waiting will be worth it once they open but man am I tired of waiting.

  5. Just what DC needs (dripping with sarcasm). Another pretentious organic food mart where the products are out of the reach of most of the DC consumers due to the ridiculous prices.

    Don't get me wrong, I fully support healthy choices and it is a fact that Americans have terrible diets (the poor in the USA suffer from the double-edged sword of malnutrition coupled with fast-food induced obesity)... and DC residents suffer much more on average than the rest of the USA.

    So shouldn't we be focused on bringing organic, healthy foods within the reach of the masses before we expand another food shop that caters to the Volvo SUV crowd? The reason DC residents have poorer diets than most of the USA is because DC has a higher poverty rate.

    Think that poor folks can patronize yet another posh organic food mart? Think again. Or is Columbia Heights turning into another shag-carpet-liberal society (donate a can of vegetables or a blanket, but hide the poor folk from view please), as most of mid and lower Manhattan did many years ago due to gentrification?

    Seriously... its hard enough to just get by in this town, and Columbia Heights is already going in the wrong direction by going high-dollar retail.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Columbia Heights Target expand into grocery offerings, given their history of beating grocery store prices. It will give Columbia Heights and DC shoppers the choices they need and deserve. Keep Ellwood Thompson's out in the suburbs with the Land Rovers. I suggest that Ellwood Thompson's should consider expanding to the Dulles corridor somewhere.

    Written by a Richmond native, DC resident!


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