Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do we need more bike parking in the neighborhood?

Spotted this outside Meridian Pint the other night, where there were 20-something bikes parked on the fence across the street, and it made me think: tons of people have bikes in the area, and yet there aren't always places to park them. I know we're getting more bike share locations, but that's separate. I also wonder whose responsibility it is? Wonderland added a bunch more bike racks recently, as did DCUSA, but there isn't too much room for them outside Meridian Pint. So should it be DDOT?

Any other spots where bike racks are needed?


  1. This isn't in CH, but at the Friday evening National Gallery Sculpture Garden Hipster Jazz Thingamajig there are always tons of bikes locked awkwardly to the fence. THe National Mall could use lots of bike racks. But NPS sucks so badly I doubt it would ever happen.

  2. the bicycle film festival was doing it up at meridian pint that night, so there were more bikes than usual -- but in general yes, there needs to be more bike parking at spots like this in the neighborhood.

    also, jazz in the sculpture garden is in no way a hipster event.

  3. Easy, take 10ft off the Dog Park but up bike racks.

    W Jordan


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