Friday, July 2, 2010

DCist on CommonWealth's fried food: it's good

Nice to see our local spots getting some praise from elsewhere: DCist has a piece on fried food in CommonWealth, the British gastropub on Irving right off 14th. I've really only had the small stuff when I've been there (meats, cheeses, fried goods) and they've been pretty tasty. There's also the British beer selection, which is tip-top, if you want to use a British-ism about it.


  1. The grass fed beef burgers are generally really good, as are the fries (I mean, chips!)

    The selection of British brews is kinda limited for a purportedly British themed pub, but on the plus side what they have is always good.

  2. I too agree that the grass fed burger and chips are really good, but think the rest of the food has really slipped. There are very few choices for mains and the choices they are boring. What happened to the british food concept? I miss it a lot.


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