Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Target opening grocery store in DCUSA in July, with produce

Just saw this tidbit on an email from Jim Graham announcing Target jobs to the Columbia Heights listserve:
We have also been informed that Target will open some 100 positions in the near future. Target is opening a full grocery store in July and extra staff is required.
The City Paper has more, saying the store will expand, taking out some adjacent retail spots, will have "more grocery-type items, including produce," and that it will be similar to the Target at Potomac Yards. The article also mentions those changes could make it an alternative to the long lines at Giant.

I'm in favor of that, and I try to do as much grocery shopping at Target anyway, but I wonder if this is also a reaction to Ellwood Thompson's?

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  1. To be a reaction to Ellwod Thompson's, Ellwood Thompson would have to do something first...

    While I might prefer ET's focus on local food, I have to applaud Target's move to bring this so quickly (or maybe they just did a good job at keeping it a secret until just now). I see that DCist says it's really coming on October, but that still beats ET's arrival, doesn't it?


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