Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Target has some pretty funny t-shirts

The other day I was at Target and noticed some pretty amusing t-shirts at the Tarzhay: shown here is Mighty Mouse, Callahan Auto Parts (a reference to the Chris Farley movie Tommy Boy), TMNT, the Goonies, and there's a bunch more, mostly retro and funny, and in the case of Callahan Auto Parts, fairly obscure too.

I bought a Fry Guys t-shirt there and tons of people were mentioning it to me when I wore it. Good stuff.


  1. saw a guy with the callahan parts shirt at the 14th and W CVS this weekend...

  2. Trying to find a large source to get the Fry Guys Shirts and I can't seem to locate them . I have bought all the ones locally at the 3 Target stores but need more for the rest of the crew members at our stores . Any help would be great !


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