Friday, June 18, 2010

Solar-powered tree lights going in everywhere

Just spotted these at the west entrance of the Metro, to match the ones at the Civic Plaza and the ones that look like they're going in at the east entrance too.

As Flickr user Mr. T in DC points out, there are now four or five different kinds of street lights in that area. You can see four kinds in this photo alone.


Jeff said...

Way too hectic and cluttered. At the very least, I expect the 70's-style black rectangular lights will be gone when all is said and done. Still, I don't see the need for any of these extra lights outside of the civic plaza itself. Just makes walking around more difficult and creates a cluttered, incoherent look to the whole area. Should have just stuck with the street lights that are already up and running --- attractive and provide ample lighting. These are a huge waste of money.

Edward DC said...

I love the solar powered lights. They really add a nice modern look.