Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More on IHOP: off-duty police officers to be present at night

The City Paper has more on the IHOP coming to DCUSA supposedly in August of this year: the owners mentioned before that it was part owned by police officers, which they used as an argument that there won't be any problems there -- kind of a silly argument, if you ask me.

However, the actual group of part-owners is former NFL player Tyoka Jackson, who played from 1994-2006 and was born in DC, plus Jackson's dad and his brother, who is in fact an MPD officer. Tyoka said they will have off-duty police officers at the restaurant between 11 pm and 6 am, which sounds like it would actually keep rowdy drunks and stuff at bay.

Just thinking about IHOP, I'm pretty hungry.

Pictured is a bad photoshop of Tyoka Jackson eating pancakes


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