Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Major Metrobus problems on 14th this morning

Hopefully you didn't have to take the 50 buses this morning going south on 14th Street, they were a disaster. I was waiting at an unusually crowded 14th and Harvard stop when a woman on a bike stopped and said the buses were being rerouted, she thought to 13th Street. of course, no one had told anyone this, and one of the people waiting said she had been there for 30 minutes, while Nextbus said multiple buses should have already passed.

If buses really were rerouted and nobody was told about it, that's ridiculous. People need to get to work and need to rely on Metro. They really need to think of a way to let people know about this kind of thing. I've got an email into WMATA, we'll see what they say.


  1. This is the perfect example of a legitimate use for Twitter

  2. I couldn't see what was going on, but the police had 14th street closed at Meridian and 14th as well. I wonder what was up?

  3. I guess this legitimate use of twitter preassumes everyone has a web-enabled phone and/or a twitter account?

    Nextbus is supposed to say when a bus is arriving at a particular stop. Clearly their system is lacking flexibility to inform Metro users of changes to routes.



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