Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Found: old neighborhood pharmacy bottle

I found this at a yard sale the other day, it's a bottle of tincture of belladonna from 1946, with the address of the Park View Pharmacy, 3501 Georgia Ave NW, and an old-timey phone number, Randolph 3331.

Currently 3501 Georgia is a corner store called Bell Corner Stop.


  1. Great find! Belladonna is actually a homeopathic remedy for flu and cough. http://blog.hmedicine.com/homeopathy-and-homeopathic-medicine-blog/bid/4592/Homeopathic-medicine-Belladonna

  2. This location was formerly Parkview Pharmacy operated by "Doc"
    Sheffrin during the 50's.Later "Doc" attended Howard U and became a dentist

  3. Larry
    Blog Larryrosen.org

  4. Jackie
    My Dad, Harvey Lee Stewart brought Parkview Pharmacy from Doc Sheffrin in the late sixties.
    He initially owned 3503 Georgia Ave and I can remember sitting in the store and playing with Doc's daughter. After a few years is when he brought the store from Doc.


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