Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ellwood Thompson's opening in January, construction starting in July, says CFO

I'm cautiously optimistic about this: Ellwood Thompson's is close to signing a lease in DCUSA and will start construction in July, and open in January 2011, reports the City Paper's Housing Complex blog. Ellwood Thompson's CEO CFO Jack McGrath gave the details at the North Columbia Heights Civic Association meeting last night. He also said they'll have in-store dining.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've heard this, but let's hope it happens. Ellwood Thompson's, for those unfamiliar, is a Richmond-based organic supermarket, and McGrath says prices will be similar to Whole Foods. They've been in talks to move to DCUSA since 2008, and it seemed close last year until they put their plans on hold in April. Here's their website.

Also interesting is that DCUSA's chief of building operations Dave Stein said they're looking for more unique and local retail clients. That's the opposite of what I've been hearing, which was that they preferred national chains, and if what he said is the case, it's a nice change. I think there are quickly getting to be too many national chains in the neighborhood. I like them, but I don't want to see the neighborhood turn into Pentagon Row or something.

More to come on IHOP too, later today.

So are you excited for ET's? Or blah, another grocery store?


  1. Nothing wrong with Pentagon Row. Yes, a bit too commercial but I'll take the Metro to Pentagon City or Row anytime before walking up 14th Street from 14th and V. The City has lost control of the criminal element in the area between Euclid and Kenyon. It is simply unsafe, a gauntlet of sordid characters.

  2. True that they've been a tease, but for the record, McGrath is their CFO, not CEO.


  3. Ah, thanks. The email from NCHCA said CEO. Doh!

  4. I have been counting down the (previously unknown number of) days until ET's is open!! I've been waiting for an alternative to Giant for a while; similarly, I'm excited for the farmer's market this weekend! That is a good start and compromise in summer.
    Lou - I understand how that walk can be intimidating, but I have done it on foot - walking and running in shorts - and on a bike near daily for the past six months and I have not once had a bad experience nor been a victim to this "criminal element" of which you speak. I love our neighborhood and don't want to see it turn into another gentrified Pentagon Row.

  5. I am SO excited about Ellwood Thompson's! I won't have to take the Circulator to Whole Foods to get decent groceries anymore. Giant isn't completely terrible, but it's just not my preferred grocery experience - understocked, long checkout lines, etc. Between this and the farmers market, food shopping in Columbia Heights just got a lot better.

  6. I'm hopeful the new market will siphon off the annoying, pretentious, whiney gentrifiers away from Giant. Let them overpay for groceries and lessen the lines and congestion at the Giant for the rest of us.

  7. Ellwood Thompson- PLEASE come to Columbia Heights! I promise we will be patrons!

  8. We Really really want Ellwod Thompson to come to Columbia Heights! I need hormone free cage free organic eggs. Please really do come in January!


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