Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DDOT: All Columbia Heights street construction to be completed next Friday! July 9!

It looks like our Big Dig is almost done.

There's been some confusion about when the Columbia Heights streetscape construction will be finished, but thanks to the very responsive Kevin Kovaleski at DDOT, who sends out those daily construction updates on the Columbia Heights streetscape construction, we know this:
As we shared in our update on Friday, crews are working to complete all major work by next Friday, July 9. To that end, for the remainder of the week, crews are planning on working through the night. We understand that this may be difficult for residents in Columbia Heights, but we want to take advantage of every hour possible in order to finish by July 9.
That's great to see. Looking forward to seeing the final result and not seeing all the cones and barriers and orange fences. Hopefully the residents directly around the site won't be too inconvenienced by noise and such at night.

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