Wednesday, June 30, 2010

City selling abandoned houses in the neighborhood

Always good to see this: the city is selling 18 properties it owns that are abandoned, and 2 of them are in our neighborhood. The City Paper has the article, with most being seized due to back taxes, and most have lain empty for years. Apparently this is the city's Department of Housing and Community Development's second annual sale -- I'm thinking this one was the first, where they sold 3004 13th Street NW, which is now nicely refurbished and has tenants.

There's more info on the properties at this site, and the local ones are on Fairmont between 14th and 15th and on Keefer, a small street between Lamont and Kenyon just east of Georgia Avenue. Oddly, it seems the Keefer Place house was for sale at last year's auction too.

If you want to bid, there are a few rules you need to follow, so beware. I'm just happy to see the city getting them off its books and hopefully soon back onto the tax rolls with residents in them.

Pictured here is 1444 Fairmont, from the realtor's site.

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