Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bargoers trying to hit every bar in DC (and Columbia Heights)

This is a funny idea: some folks are trying to go to every bar in DC, and have started a blog documenting their quest. So far they've mostly been going to Columbia Heights bars, and have only hit 11 so far. In any case, The three writers, joined by some friends occasionally, often seem kind of bitter (the first few posts listed the "type of douche" at each bar, for example, and they complain about hipsters a lot) but it's a clever idea and interesting to read others' opinions of our local spots.

So far in our neighborhood they've hit Wonderland, Room 11, CommonWealth, Looking Glass, Social, and a bit off the beaten path, Acuario, which is a Latin American place on 11th. Nice to see them expanding from the usual spots, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.


  1. So by "every bar in DC," they mean "every white people bar plus one Latino bar for diversity."

  2. Well in their defense it's only been a month or something. Then again I've been to more bars than that in a month.

  3. Haha! These guys are just demanding to be mocked. The three pictures, combined with their nicknames of "Baron," "Cupcakes," and "Gin Kitten" conclusively identify them as exactly the kinds of douches that can turn a neighborhood bar into an intolerable LNS-fest.

    They also lose a great deal of credibility with such proclamations as, "Wonderland’s beer selection is alright, but nothing special compared to the Red Derby" followed immediately by "we ordered PBRs." Wonderland, by the way, has about 20 beers on tap. The red derby only offers canned beer.

    Their closing statement upon leaving Wonderland is "used to be an okay local bar but now its full of f***ing hipsters." Wait, didn't you guys just admit you ordered a bunch of PBRs at a bar with 20 beers on tap?

    Anyway, I am guessing that none of them lived in DC or, if they did, dared to go to Columbia Heights at that time before Wonderland apparently lost it's credibility.

    Okay that's enough of the all-too-easy hypocrisy observations... on the positive side these guys are pretty hilarious.

    I love reading stories of drunken debauchery whether or not the authors don't see the iron of making fun of people who resemble themselves. I give it a thumbs up!

  4. They seem to be the exact douche bags that they like to point out. I think I hate them and their negativity. I hope they booze some place else on a regular basis.

  5. Not funny, interesting, or useful. They do, however, have obnoxious, condescending and self-important covered.

  6. When we say every bar in DC we do mean every bar. Even the ones in SE that you have never heard of and might be afraid to venture to.

    The three of us do have full time jobs and it can be hard to coordinate our schedules at times, but we will keep plugging away until we have covered every bar in DC.

    In response to the comment about none of us being from DC I'll just state that I'm a local. I grew up here. I've lived in DC, MD or VA for most of my life.

    We aren't taking this too seriously. We are mainly out to have a little fun and, hopefully, entertain some people. Obviously we won't please everyone with what we write but we do hope that some of you find the blog funny. Our blog is a work in progress and as time goes on you will see it change, we hope, for the better.

    Thanks to Andrew and New Columbia Heights blog for the pick up.


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