Thursday, May 6, 2010

Want a tree planted? Ask the city!

Want some greenery on your block, or on another dreary block? Ask the city! Just spotted a recent posting on the Adams Morgan listserve letting people know that they can request tree planting from the city, for free.

The Urban Forestry Administration will plant trees in a grass strip or an existing tree box on either your block or another block, you just have to request it by calling 311 or going to Sounds like a pretty great service.

The UFA's website has a lot more on types of trees available and on the benefits of trees: adding greenery, improving people's moods, screening harsh scenery, environmental benefits, and more.

UPDATE: a commenter makes the good point that you have to water the trees and that the non-profit Casey Trees provides free watering bags.


  1. You really should note that these trees are USELESS if they're not watered (25 gallons per week, minimum) for the first two years. UFA has planted trees on my block in Columbia Heights over the last few years, and the ones that I haven't personally watered are already dead.

    Casey Trees ( will provide you free tree watering bags. Get them!


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