Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meridian Pint looks almost completely finished inside

Snapped this shot through the window at Meridian Pint, it looks almost completely done inside, with a mural on the wall, chairs stacked on tables, and the bar is finished.

The place will have a lot of American craft beer in the $4 (PBR, Duck Rabbit) to $9 (DuganA, not familiar with that), plus American/European influenced food, with entrees like catfish, ribs, pork chops, polenta from $15 to $18 and sandwiches from $10 to $12, plus lots of appetizers/bar food. The menus for both on their website.

There will also be TVs. They'll be open before the World Cup (which starts June 11), and it sounds like a cool spot to watch a game and hang out. I'm hoping it'll be like the Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan -- sort of a neighborhood, relaxed sports bar.


  1. Place looks pretty solid. It's always nice to not have to trek down to Paradiso or Church Key for some good beer (tired of the selection at Commonwealth). Food menu looks a little all over the place though....

  2. Agreed on all counts, plus Cwealth isn't a great spot to watch sports.


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