Monday, May 17, 2010

IHOP coming to the neighborhood in August

Finally some real news on the IHOP front -- the City Paper reports it will be opening in August on the 1400 block of Irving, and will bring 110 jobs. Sounds good to me -- though I'm always worried about too many chains coming to the neighborhood. Here's IHOP's website and menu in case you forgot. This will be the first second location in the city.

Don't know the hours yet, but I would think they'd be open late. I would also guess they'll be in the DCUSA building, hopefully not taking the space that was supposed to be Ellwood Thompson's grocery store.

The comments on the City Paper post are kind of funny, too.


  1. Do you know anything about the future of the building located in 11th and Monroe? I saw a demolition note posted in the building. I am wondering if a developer is taking charge of that property.

  2. Dude, it's not the first IHOP in the city, there's one in SE.

  3. That's what I thought, but the store locator didn't show it when I tried my zip code. But when I did DC, it did.

  4. Not so excited about IHOP. Would much rather have a bit more of a quality establishment. We don't have to have DC USA be Maza gallery but it is looking more and more like PG Plaza.

  5. Can we PLEASE get a Boarders or some other book store in the neighborhood. Why do we need another crappy resturant. IHOP...UGH!

  6. Quit being such snobs. IHOP is totally awesome.

  7. First of all, it's nice to see something going in and taking up an unfilled space. Second, I'll be glad to have a reasonably-priced breakfast place...and somewhere I can have breakfast for dinner. Third, the spaces remaining in DC USA are only big enough for a restaurant or small retail spaces (save the space where Ellwood Thompson's will be going in...hopefully). I don't see where a bookstore would go anywhere in CH, but there's a library on 16th...unless that's too ghetto for you.

    I see DC USA as having nothing worthwhile places to shop. If there were a Macy's-type store instead of a Target, the value of DC USA would lessen in my opinion, since they don't have the things I need, only luxury items. Imagine if there were no DC USA, how would you feel then? Be glad we have what we have in CH.

  8. All I'm saying is can't we be a bit more creative with the use of space? I don't care if its IHOP or any other chain. There is enough food up there to feed all of DC...can't we get something else. Can we try to stick with local business that's not food oriented. And why is wanting a bookstore considered snoby? Politics and Pro's isn't huge. What about a really nice second hand book shop, like the ones that used to be in Dupont Cir.

    How about a bike shop, or furniture store. Stop being so "in touch" with the common folk and open your eyes. There is nothing wrong or elitest about wanting something other than crappy food in your neighborhood.

    And Ellewood is a pipe dream at this point. Please move on.

  9. Honestly, if you don't know how to spell Borders or elitist, maybe you have bigger problems than "crappy restaurants."

    I welcome IHOP.


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