Friday, May 21, 2010

Howard U to move its hospital?

Saw this on the City Paper, it looks like Howard University is considering moving their hospital, which is currently located just southeast of the university's campus, about 5th and V. They're looking at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which will be closing, as a place to go.

I think it'd be nice for Walter Reed to have a hospital tenant, but at the same time, people are worried because the closest hospital to Columbia Heights and environs would be moving. The next closest is the big Washington Hospital Center campus at about 1st and Irving.

I've never used Howard U hospital, so it probably won't affect me (knock on wood) but who do others think? It would also mean a number of jobs would move from the neighborhood, though Howard says they'll keep some health functions at the hospital.


  1. People go into Howard U hospital and they don't come out. If I ever need an ambulance, I will suffer any pain or risk of death imaginable to communicate to the driver to take me anywhere but Howard U Hospital.

  2. 13th St. residentMay 22, 2010 at 9:49 AM

    I think we're fine with WHC. HUH is a fine tenant for the Walter Reed site. The interesting question is, what becomes of the current HUH? Will the University use it for office, classroom, or dorm space, or will they sell it?

  3. This is sad because Walter Reed is not served by Metro. We already have plenty of driving-only hospital options.

    We have only two on metro, Howard and GW. The emergency room is, actually, only a small part of the services offered by hospitals.

    As for @Anon's comment, I can't imagine the basis for this. Howard rates about average, just barely below GW hospital, in local rankings. Howard, like any hospital, will have better and worse practitioners. My fiancee recently had a minor surgical procedure done there and had only good thins to say about the experience. Actually she said she felt like she got much more personal attention and didn't feel rushed the way you do most of the time.

    Maybe this is because since most white people like @anon are afraid of Howard, it's not as insanely busy as GW. If you can get over your irrational, marginally racist fear of Howard you can get great car, and it's more convenient than anywhere else for much of DC.

    Howard moving would be a loss for central DC.

  4. i am white and i use HUH because of its convenient location. I have nothing bad to say about it yet.


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