Friday, May 7, 2010

Fro Zen Yo is now open on the Civic Plaza -- our first look

That was fast! Not long after seeing Rita's closed, Fro Zen Yo opened in the space. It's a self-serve yogurt shop, meaning you grab a bowl then choose which flavors you want from the dispensers and give yourself however much you want. Then you can add toppings, and the whole thing is weighed at 39 cents an ounce.

There were about 15 flavors and I tried red velvet cake, which was great, and Cali tart, which was not very tart but still tasty. Other flavors included mango, peanut butter, cheesecake, and birthday cake.

The toppings are what you'd expect from a frozen yogurt place: fruit, nuts, cereal, and candy. I added Cinnamon Toast Crunch and some strawberries, and the whole was not quite $2. I got a picture of the yogurt (above), but I was busy scarfing it down so I didn't get a pre-eating shot. I also took some photos of the space and the dispensers, which look like soft serve dispensers, but unfortunately I couldn't get them to download for some reason. Stay tuned.

In all, it's quite good, and probably more year-round than Rita's. It almost makes me forget about Rita's -- almost.

If you'd like to read more, check out the Yelp page for their other location. I assume they're a chain, but I can't find a working website for them.

They'll be open pretty late, to 11 pm Monday through Thursday, midnight on Friday and Saturday, and 10 pm on Sunday.


  1. went yesterday on their opening day. it was very good, and am thrilled to have them in the neighborhood! anyone know how the nutritional content compares to other chains? such as yogiberry, tangysweet etc... L of M

  2. I always read this blog, but never have posted in spite of some important community matters discussed. Instead, I chose my first comment to be about Fro Zen Yo. We went last night, and it's amazing. Plus, the two women working last night were nice and helpful...amazing. C

  3. Thanks for reading! And glad you liked it.

  4. I went today, I got a sample of their sugar-free fro yo, I am satisfied with what I tried. With most places not offering sugar-free this was an amazing discovery. I will definitely go back.


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