Friday, May 21, 2010

Free air for bikes on 13th Street

Saw this the other day, and it works well today for Bike to Work Day: a house on 13th just north of Irving is offering free air for bikes. Pretty cool!


  1. I don't quite understand this sort of thing. Don't people have hand pumps? If your tire is leaking air on the road shouldn't you patch it? How do you know how much air the compressor is putting into your tire?

  2. Andrew, thanks for noticing this. I've had this set up since about 2007. I wanted something like this for myself. So I figure that I use it, and I might as well make it available for others.

  3. Anonymous:
    Thank you for setting up the free pump. I use it frequently. You rock.

  4. I used it today. Thank you.

  5. Just used this a few days ago for the first time! Really saved me in a jam. Thank you so much!

    - M.


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