Thursday, May 13, 2010

Forgotten Streets: Pine Street NW

I'm going to start a new series on the blog about small streets that people may not be familiar with in the neighborhood, which I'm calling Forgotten Streets. The first episode is on Pine Street.

The street is very short, about 1/4 of a regular-sized block, and basically exists as a way to turn left from 16th Street onto Park Road, which hits it at an odd angle. There's a turn lane from 16th that turns into Pine. The only building on it is the Shrine of the Sacred Heart church, a Catholic church, which is why there's an honorary "Sacred Heart Way" sign under the Pine Street sign.

Not sure why it exists, really, as it's at an odd angle that doesn't match any other streets. Here's the current map on Google, and you can see it on this old map from rockcreek's Flickr as well.


  1. Uhh... it allows you to turn LEFT onto Park road from traveling northbound on 16th street....

  2. The intersection was supposed to be resigned per the 2004 CH/MT Transportation Study. The redesign was to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow.


  3. seems like it would have been a bit more of a real street had the original skewed grid been left alone and 16th street not plowed straight through the neighborhood.

    ah well, it has it's uses.


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