Friday, May 7, 2010

Adopt-a-Block actually works!

Last weekend I was hanging around my stoop and some people with gloves and plastic bags picking up trash walked by. I asked them who they were with, if maybe I missed a neighborhood cleanup, and it turns out they were from the church on the Adopt-a-Block sign on my block. They said they come down once a month or so and pick up trash.

Nice to see this, and it got me thinking -- maybe some other blocks could use an Adopt-a-Block group, like Irving between 14th and 13th, for example. Anybody see their block's adopt-a-block folks every now and then?


  1. Uh... I guess once a month is better than nothing, but my block requires pretty much daily maintenance.

    It would be nice if even a tiny fraction of the residents of any given block could be bothered to "adopt" the place that they actually live by spending three minutes picking up trash every few days.

    On the plus side, I feel like anecdotally trash accumulation is getting better near where I live. Maybe this is because more people are giving a hoot...

  2. Very true Jamie, about picking up garbage on your own block.

  3. Jaime, my exact sentiments. Very sad when you need adopt a road trash pickup in a residential neighborhood. The longer the first piece of trash sits, the quicker the second piece accumulates. Drives me nuts, but it's just part of the urban grind. My block has seen some improvement as well...

  4. My strategy is to pick up a little bit of trash every day. When leaving the house for work in the morning, I bring a paper towel with me, then if I come across something gross/sticky/germy, I can pick it up using the paper towel and drop it in a garbage can on the way to the Metro. On the way home, I repeat the process, and sweep the sidewalk regularly. This keeps the block relatively clean, but it's a never-ending battle. Keep up the good fight, guys!

  5. I am militant about trash around our house. We have nice plantings in the area between the sidewalk and street, and there is inevitably an emty 40oz. or a candy wrapper there every morning. I pick it up every time I see it. If it is something small I also kick stuff into the gutter so the street cleaner can get it on Tuesday (like Black 'n Mild holders). Keep up the good work everyone!


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