Monday, April 5, 2010

Where to enjoy the nice weather in the neighborhood

As you've probably noticed, the weather in the area is getting really, really nice. Here are some suggestions for good places to take advantage of it.

--For an adult beverage outside, I'd recommend the Wonderland and Room 11 patios. Both are quite nice and can provide good people watching -- especially Wonderland's. CommonWealth and Red Rocks are good ones too, though more for the food.

--Brunch-wise, try the outdoor seating at Red Rocks, The Heights and the (limited) spots at the Red Derby

--For relaxing outdoors, Meridian Hill Park is the place to be, especially when they have the drum circle/neighborhood fun on Sunday afternoons. No place better than sitting on the grass with friends on a sleepy Sunday. The Civic Plaza is also a nice spot to relax and have a bite to eat from say Sticky Fingers or Julia's.

--For being active, check out the soccer field across from Wonderland and join a pickup game. Even if you stink at soccer (like me) it's still a good time and folks are usually friendly.

--If you'd like to learn about the neighborhood and take a nice walk, check out the Columbia Heights Heritage Trail

What are your favorite outdoor spots in the neighborhood?

Photo by Mr. T in DC


  1. While those spots are all fine, this post kind of highlights for me what a dearth of nice outdoor spaces there are in CH. There's the civic plaza, which is fine. Then there's Meridian Hill Park, which is great, but on the edge of the neighborhood at best. And then there's a bunch of bar and restaurant patios. Assuming I don't want to walk all the way to Meridian Hill Park, I'm going to go with my postage stamp front yard as the best outdoor spot in CH... which feels a little sad to me.

  2. I like the corner at 14th and Columbia.


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